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Artwork designed for your interior 

Commissioned artwork that is designed to compliment your interior decor, architectural highlights or extravagant color palette of finishes. A sophisticated piece of Fine Art, refined to the ultimate beauty 


"I usually start the process by getting to know my clients,  their tastes, and personal preferences. I study the interior's lighting, finishes, and colors to gather inspiration for creating the desired look. This approach ensures a harmonious relationship between the space and the art piece. 


I consider the position of the windows and light fixtures to determine the painting's textures that will best capture the surrounding light, show the colors of the paint, and add another dimension to the painting. Textures can change the contrast of the colors offering more to the viewer.


In my creative process, I use my architectural and construction experience to bring forms and colors together by working with trowels, plasters, glazing textures, and fabrics.


Photographing and measuring the  interior space allows me to find an ideal size and placement for the new art piece. Later, a proposed palette is used to produce a digital mockup for the purpose of reevaluation and approval. Once approved the actual art piece is produced and delivered to the client’s location."

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"Now that I’ve had a couple of days to live with the artwork, I wanted to share some thoughts of appreciation.  First and foremost, both pieces are stunning, and they help anchor my living and dining rooms.  Over the past few days, I’ve been able to study them under a variety of lighting conditions, seeing something new with every look.  Your use of texture is quite remarkable: what looks dramatic from one angle can appear fluid from another.  This is what excites me most about art: the ability to see and feel different sensations at different times.  Your thoughtful consideration of scale, placement, and lighting was perfect, and your work now occupies a cherished position in my home.  Thank you".

Robert M.

"Paul Asadov’s abstract paintings spoke to me as no others had in the past. My husband and I very much enjoyed our art collection for many years which included still lifes, naive art, and figure paintings galore. It wasn’t until moving into a new apartment that I started to look for a large painting that captured my imagination and that is when I came across Paul's work. It was a massive surprise to me that, after so many years of being unmoved by abstract art, I was captivated by the tranquil movement and sheer beauty of his sensitive expression of nature. Ultimately, his DISTANT TIMES is the piece I most wanted to be part of my daily life. It is a pleasure to come home, head to my favorite reading chair, and spend a bit of time falling into the warmth of that canvas.

Apart from being exceptionally personable, Paul is one of the most curious, intelligent, and intuitive artists I have ever come across. Evidence of that fact is apparent on each and every one of his canvases."

Joan S.

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